Hi! I'm Lynette Pradiga.

A comfortable sense of leisure is essential.  MEEP!
A comfortable sense of leisure is essential. MEEP!

  I'm an Aquarius, love long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners and Sci-Fi.  I am a hugger of trees, love all the little creatures, am a believer in truth and know that the way I treat you is exactly how I feel about myself....I think the same holds for you...if that doesn't make you run screaming into the night, we will get along just fine. 


About Art:

Folks, I’m just shooting for honest. This may make you uncomfortable, but I do not know what I’m doing.  I just MUST do it.

All I know is that ever since I was small, I have gathered and collected paint and canvases and every medium I could get my hands on and dreamed of being a full time Artist. So at this time in my life, after I am all out of excuses, I’d really like to direct myself toward my divine purpose. I believe this is it. I just want to have fun and do what I love and enjoy the rest of this ride. Every time I hunker down to paint, I have no idea what the end result will be. I learn more each time I show up. My earnest desire is to be a channel for whatever makes the stars hang in the sky….and I’m pretty sure I need to get over my cheap self and out of IT’S way in order to paint. Oh!  and I have FINALLY discovered the ancient secret of being a talented artist…   So here it is: .........ready?


It’s MAKING ART!  The secret to being a happy artist is making art AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.




There came a time when I realized that although being single and "the boss of me" was easier than trying to play nice and share, I really missed having someone to share the really yummy, crazy-beautiful-we-will-never-come-this-way-again-stuff-of-life with. So I married my very best guy friend.  He's an alien, which works out really well because I can hardly ever get mad at him for not knowing our "customs" here on planet earth....it really takes the sting out of most marital disagreements.  Plus, he's pretty much a genius….and a writer who helps a lot of people tell the truth about themselves (shameless plug is inserted here: www.radical-resolution.com ) and he's super handy...and sweet and a good cook and I love him.  I highly recommend marrying someone you really dig.


Favorite quote:



"if God dwells inside us like some people say, I sure hope he likes enchiladas, because that's what He's getting." ~Jack Handy






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